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Liberty International Optics, Lasers & CCD Components, Materials & Equipments
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   Optics, Lasers & CCD

Barr Associates, Inc.
Precision Thin Film Filters for Aerospace Applications, Solutions for Infrared Defense Applications, Optical filtering solution for tactical Defense Applications, CWEN precision optical filters for optical Networking Applications, Precision Optical filters for fiber optic communications
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation Inc.
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc. (CRi) is a global leader in providing innovative optical imaging solutions to our customers. We offer a broad array of tunable, solid-state optical components and modules for use in wavelength selection, polarization optics, and light modulation in optical processing applications. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to working with our academic and commercial customers to provide high-value solutions. With over 80 patents pending and issued, our innovations are being utilized around the world to enable new breakthroughs in research, health and medicine. CRi services a global network of distributors and partners through direct sales of systems and through strategic alliances as an OEM supplier.
Andover Corporation

Optical Interference Filters, Band Pass/ High Pass/ Low Pass Filters, Heat Control Filters, Dichroic Filters, EGDE Filters, Filter Glasses, Lens, Custom Filters
Visual Instrumentation Corporation
High Speed Imaging Cameras – Video & Film for Motion Analysis Applications
Apogee Instruments, Inc.
High performance cooled CCD imaging solutions, professional imaging solutions, OEM imaging solutions – Astronomy, Microscopy & Spectroscopy applications
Light Machinery
Light Machinery is Mfr. World’s finest lasers, optical components like Beam Splitters, Etalons, Wave plates many more.. and optical process  machinery.
Richardson Gratings
Richardson Grating is  Manufacture and design of diffraction Gratings for spectroscopic, telecommunications and laser application.
Brandywine Photonics LLC
Brandywine Photonics LLC is formerly known as Brandywine Optics.
Brandywine Manufacture and design Hyperspectral sensors, instruments.
They are highly specialized in optical needs of the Earth Sciences, ISR andMachine vision communities.
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