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   Specialized Solutions

Zircar Zirconia, Inc.
High performance thermal products includes Alumina & Zirconia boards, Cylinders, Cements, Rigidizers, Grogs, Powders, Cloths, Felts, Bulk fibers, Exotic refractory oxide fibers, textiles, Hot Spot electric box furnace (1700°C),
Airtech International, Inc.

World’s leading manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling for resin infusion and hand lay-up processing
Dynatronix, Inc.

Manufacturing of Pulse & DC Electroplating Power Supplies for the worldwide metal finishing industry - custom power supplies like pulse reverse, DC, Single output, multi outputs, manual and computer controlled
American Elements
The world leader in commercializing developments in materials science and expertise in engineered materials, including ultra high purity refining (99.9999%) and nanotechnology (Mono Atomic Elements) - over 3,000 elemental metal, metallic compound, ceramic and crystalline catalog items and numerous customer proprietary formulations for a wide variety of industry groups, including energy, electronics, aerospace, automotive, optics, and pharma/cosmetics
Rolled Alloys

Specializes in heat resistant, corrosion resistant, titanium, high temperature aerospace, & nickel based super alloys
Ladish Co., Inc
Cudahy Forging supplies Seamless & Rolled Ring Forgings up to 28 ft Diameter & 10 ft face height, highly engineered, high-strength forgings to aerospace and general industrial customers
Morgan Advanced Ceramics www.morganadvancedceramics.com The widest ranges of materials in the technical ceramics industry
St. Gobain Performance Plastics www.plastics.saint-gobain.com Wide variety of PTFE films, Cloths and Tapes

Authorized Exporter of thousands of Products NEXTEL, Poly Amide / Imide, Tapes, Resins
General Electric (GE)
GE Advanced Materials is a world leader in providing material solutions through engineering thermoplastics, silicon-based products and technology platforms, and fused quartz and ceramics
William Advanced Materials

Supplier of materials to the hybrid, semiconductor and media industries
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